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"I read your words every day, run your runs, think about things and try to figure out what your responses might be. I feel blessed to have someone with whom I can share my dreams with and who understands this compulsion, love, and at times frustrating sport that sits right at the forefront of my mind each day. And finally, I wanted to thank you for the best running year of my life. I worked, I listened and I grew and we had PR after PR. Thank you, thank you! Let's roll 2012!!!" CA

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the past couple of years.  The things you've taught me have clearly made a difference.  Not only did I PR at Riverbank, but I was only about 10 seconds short of a PR at Bloomsday!  If I'd had fresh legs i would have PR'd there as well.  You are such a great athlete, coach, and a genuinely good person! So happy i know you =-)" Amber Wood-Jensen after 1:12 sec 10k PR and winner Bank Run

"Thank you so so much for your brilliant training schedule which got me on track to break 1h45.... In just 5 weeks I could not believe how much stronger I've become! I had to leave behind my husband who was meant to be my pace maker... :)" Nkechi Goodacre - 4 min PR at Royal Parks London HM

"My training partner, for whom running Boston is a lifelong dream and who has tried to qualify for something like 7 years, is completely burned out and is “ready to get it over with”. I feel ready, strong and I can’t wait for Boston. I am not guaranteeing that I’ll have a stellar performance but I’ll do my best. I think the huge thing for me is that I am still really enjoying the process"Sabine Norris and article about her upcoming Boston Marathon race

"Oh, and by the way, you rock!  I'm a bit shocked to have run a 2+ minute PR on the mileage I'm running now.  Just do what Nicole says and run PRs.  Pretty easy :-)" ~Greg Whittier after setting 2 min+ PR at Cherry Blossom 09

"I just want to write and thank you for coaching me. I haven't felt great in a race in a LONG time. I believe in this training. Thanks again."~After 6 weeks of training Moses Leavens won the IceBreaker 3 mile in 15:43

"It is amazing how far I have come from when I first started with you.  The different combinations included in your workouts have made me a much stronger runner than I ever thought I could be, and I never get bored.  It is hard to think that I did not run much prior to 2004.  Running is now a part of who I am  :)  Thank you."....and after running Le Griz 50 miler... I ended up first woman, and 5th or 6th overall .  Much better than I had ever imagined. I had never ever imagined I could even run 50 miles, so this was a big accomplishment for me.  Thanks for all of your guidance and encouragement.~ Debbie Gibson

“She’s an awesome coach,”  “I’ve grown in leaps and bounds with my running and I have to give the credit to her.” ~Dani Salois-Shahan-  quote from MT Standard newspaper

All i know is I sure like your variety/mix/hills of different paces, all wrapped up in the same run  - makes things fun!!  The meat of your assignments are a blast - like yesterday!  You've certainly got good imagination!! ~Tom Louden

"Wow, I am completely dumbfounded by my time yesterday!  I would have never dreamed that I could post that sort of time given my lack of training at that mileage...  I felt surprisingly strong the entire race....  I think your advice on hydration really helped me.... I can't say thank you enough for your advice and help, you rock!" ~Amber Wood-Jensen- (over 8 min HM PR) and 2 months later..  cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge =-) 13 min PR and Boston Qualifier at the 2009 Missoula Marathon

"The nutrition and hydration plan you gave me worked so well, I could literally feel the difference! You've helped me attain heights I literally could not imagine just a year ago" ~Ken

"I ran 1 hr. 29 min. 12 seconds. Pace: 6:49/mile for 13.1 miles. I probably have not run this consistently, or strong since I set the record at Seeley Lake years ago (1995), and/or since setting the record at State Games several years ago(1999). I don't remember feeling this good EVER in a race" ~ Susan Kaluza age 46

"Thank you once again, Nicole, for everything. Hiring you to help me was the smartest thing I could have done, and I'm so glad I did!"~Joan Hilbert

"Here's what you have done for me!  In the space of about a year I have gone from a world class sofa-spud who hadn't even run across the street in 18 years to a finisher in the Bridger Ridge Run!!  Yes, and not only did I beat my original goal of 8 hours, or my later amended goal 7 hours, I pushed the goal up to 6 hours and beat that by over 2 minutes at an official 5:57:55.  I could go on and on about experience, but I'd be up all night typing.  So far, besides the birth of my children, it has been the highlight of my life.  Thanks for helping me achieve that." ~Ken Nevin

"Thank you Nicole. I love that you are my coach.  The workouts don't seem that hard, yet I am improving and getting so much stronger in leaps and bounds.  You are the voice of reason when I can be a bit narrow-minded and stubborn" ~Reyana E

"I can't believe that I have only been working with you for a month and I have improved so much in such a short time. :) Thank you!!.. I can't tell you how much fun I've been having lately with my workouts and my races. You rock!" ~Amber Osterman

"I really can't say enough about how much you have helped me. It has been a fabulous running season for me and I have felt incredibly strong. Thanks again and again," ~Jane

"I think your workouts have helped me immensely.  Thanks to you I now have a new PR! Thanks for everything - as I said before you are awesome!!" ~ Debbie

"You are worth every penny"...."Thanks so much... You are making me set goals that I never thought were possible...I PR'd every race I repeated this year" ~ Demaris Taylor

"I was running the workout you had me do last Friday and really nailed it.  I had a ton of fun mixing in the hill bounds, 1-legged hill hops (providing entertainment to passers by), felt really strong in the 1 minute 5k intervals (I was doing them at 5:50 pace without even trying), and finished with 4:40-paced sprints that made me feel like I was floating.  I thought about how the variety of these workouts keeps the program fun, and I thought that I needed to pass that along to you.  It was during that workout that I really noticed the improvement in my fitness level.  Thanks for everything that you've shown me in these last couple of months.  I am definitely a better runner as a result of working with you." ~ Jaymee

"You are going to save me!!!  At first glance this schedule and the supporting documents look absolutely fabulous and just what I was seeking- even more!  I can't wait to begin on July 1st...and that is ALREADY a big change in attitude:-)  I really appreciate the attention to detail and an outline for every day, including weekly strength training and core.  It really will help me stay the course and get me excited for each new day.  Since you've already planned it all out for me, all I need to do is EXECUTE. Simple!"  ~Jennifer Rapaport


"Nice job on the schedule. I really do like how you change it up from week to week" ~Joan

"I am happy with my progress. Thanks for the training plan.  It is paying off quite a bit already!.... That is two recent bests (since 1992) in the past week.  I am very excited!"

" ~Shannon Overbay

"Not only are you an incredible coach, with a wealth of knowledge, but you really know how to tailor workouts for the individual needs of the athlete.  In addition to being an awesome coach, you are an inspiration to me with your own outstanding accomplishments.  After my pregnancy, I would not have become as successful as I had without you.  You believed in me".  ~ Susan Osborn

"Thank you for your coordination, all of your effort, and your encouragement.  You are a great coach!" ~Michele Bazzanella

"I must thank you in the wake of my course record run in this morning's Evaro Mountain Challenge 10K.  As you know, that had been a long-standing goal of mine.  Anyone who has ever coached me knows that I can be obstinate in my ways and difficult to communicate with, but you have been relentless. You have bombarded me with science, and you have reshaped my training, and now I find that I am a much better runner.  You have proven it possible to make apple pie out of lemons". ~ Ray Hunt

"I really enjoy all the workouts you've given me. I think you've set a good pace for increasing my distance/time, as it feels like I'm doing both at the same time, which is pretty exciting for
someone that wasn't sure they'd ever run again.  Thank you!"
~ Melanie Barber

"I am very happy with your training programs / feedback / encouragement / knowledge, etc. and I don't say it very often, but I really appreciate all that you do for all of us.  I am also very proud to tell people that Nicole Hunt is my COACH!!! " ~Jacquie Maillet

"I started your program at age 41.  Since then, I have been able to maintain my "younger person"  speed and strength.  I feel that if I stay healthy, I could get minutes faster with your running program." ~ Susan

"Thank you for getting back to me with your quick email responses.  This is all very new to me and I find the information very interesting/fascinating.   I am starting to learn more about running and myself".   ~Richard Engel

"I have reached many of my goals and I feel much better about myself. Thank you very much for your help" ~Gail Eide

"Thank you again, Nicole, for your coaching and support. You have been great." ~Joan

"Thank you again for everything.  We knew we were so ready for this (Boston Marathon)" ~Brooke and Sean Dolan

"I decided to send you my weekly summary before I'm done with the week because I JUST CAN'T WAIT!  Yesterday's race was so awesome - my confidence is restored and I feel so excited to race again!!  I can't thank you enough.  20:11 - that's only 22 seconds off of my official PR and by far the fastest I've run in 5 or 6 years!!  Thank you so much!!!!!! "~Stacy Huser

"(20 miler Bridger Ridge Run -Total Elevation Gain: 6800 feet Total Elevation Loss: 9500 feet) I was really happy that I did not have to stop and take breaks on any of the different peaks, even Ross Pass (the worst one). I also did not get nauseated at all (like last year) because of the different eating plan. I was very happy with my time and how much stronger I felt up there .........thanks to my coach!!!" ~Erika Holland

"I have certainly learned a lot from you. You have shown me a number of interesting workouts that I like a lot and will definitely help me to get faster. Thank you for all the guidance and motivation". ~WIn Goodbody

"I'm thankful for having such a great coach. I did the Carmichael Training for almost a year at a variety of different levels ranging from $25 a month to the $100 a month package.  Even at the highest level I never received the excellent coaching that I get from you.  I sure hope you plan to keep doing this because it really is one of the most enjoyable things I do.   Thanks again!  I'm not trying to tell you to raise your prices, but I would be willing to pay more and also just to let you know that people out there are charging a whole lot more for not near the quality that you deliver". ~ Robin Shropshire


"Thanks for this great load of info/advice/plans. I can't wait to get started!" ~Dave Stauffer


"Thank you for all your help, support, advice, and comments. I would not have survived med school without my new running accomplishments". ~Kathy Travnicek


"I certainly appreciate the varied and interesting workouts.  I'm not sure where I would be without the help"

~Gary Gurtler


"Thank you for everything you've done for me. I owe a big chunk of my success to your great coaching". ~ Jaymee Marty


"I truly enjoyed this race and I want to thank you - I feel so fortunate to have a coach like you.  The race felt just like a goal race should feel.  I followed the nutrition/hydration/rest plan to a tee and I'm convinced that made the difference for me today." ~Amber

"I actually feel like I am running not jogging. Along with the running, training with you has been very beneficial in all aspects of my daily routine. Thank you for the wonderful and fun running programs. You are the greatest!!!" ~EH


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