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Nicole's Bio

Nicole's Bio

Registered Nurse, B.S.



Personal Trainer


2006 USA

Mountain Running


Mt Washington, NH




2009 Running Times Magazine

Article: Running-Specific Circuit Drills

The Final Frontier in the Quest for PRs


Also contributed to articles on Tapering Like a Pro, Real World Training Off-Track Training, Becoming A Marathoner, Marathon Training for Masters, and the Stress / Rest Cycle


2001 Montana Mile

Billings, MT

Meet Record: 4:59.8



Selected for Marathon Running Camp with Team USA at Mammoth Lakes, CA under direction of Coach Joe Vigil. Trained 1-month with Olympians, Kastor, Rhines, Rudolph, Keflezighi, and Rogers and many others. Dr Vigil gave various scientific and motivational lectures on how to train for top performance.



2004 USA

Olympic Trials Marathon

PR: 2:40:39

St Louis, MO


Attended Dr Owen Anderson's 1-week training theory camp, learning the latest science on increasing maximal running power, lactate threshold, vVo2 max, running economy and race specific endurance.


Team USA Gold Medal

2006 World Mountain Running Trophy

Ninth Place Individual

Bursa, Turkey


Associated article: Thrill of the Hunt

from Deer Lodge to Turkey


2010 -Broke (ran 1:12:59) the masters course record at Mount Washington Road Race and qualified for the 2010 World Mountain Running Championships-placed 17th, 3rd American


Attended National Coaching Clinics in 2003 and 2005. Speakers included Dr Joe Vigil, Mark Conover, Steve Spence, Kevin & Keith Hanson, Peter Rea, Jim Spivey,  and John Rednow


Interviews I have given:

Montana Standard Dec 2010

Conway Daily Sun

Elite Running.com

Fast Women.com

Montana Standard



All time PR's & Highlights:


5000m - 15:52 track 2002


10000m - 33:24 track 2003- 8th place 2003 Nationals


10k - 32:48 Salt Lake 10k 2003


12k - 41:34 Bloomsday 2006, 10th place, 2nd American


15k - 51:15 Gate River Run USATF Championships, 4th place, 2004


Marathon - 2:40:39 2004 Olympic Trials, St Louis 18th place


4th place Twin Cities Marathon USATF National Marathon Championships 2005


Winner 2006 USA Mountain Running Championships at MT Washington


First American Gold Medal Team USA World Mountain Trophy, Turkey.  2006


2000 USA Champion: World Championship Team Trials of Summer Biathlon


National Teams - Beijing, China Ekiden 2002, Seoul, South Korea 2002


2004 and 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier



Why do I run? I run for a myriad of reasons.  I run for the feeling of satisfaction I get after a hard workout.  I run to experience the sights and sounds of nature.  And I run to see how fast my body can be.

In 1992, I walked on to the University of Montana track team with PR's of 20+ minutes for the 5k and 42+ minutes for the 10k.  I doubted that I was good enough to make the team, but I gave it a shot anyway.  Within a few weeks, the hard training helped me lower my times by minutes.  I was shocked and thrilled by my success.

After graduation, I worked full-time as a RN for 4 years, but I discovered that running and working fulltime were not conducive, especially when I began to compete at a higher level.  My husband and I decided that I should take full advantage of my running opportunities by training fulltime, so I stopped working as a RN.  It has taken a total commitment for me to start reaching toward my racing goals.  Focusing my energy on running has kept my times dropping.

L: Passing two Kenyans at the top of "Doomsday Hill" in Spokane's Bloomsday 12k.  R: Among Team USA entourage for Korean International Ekiden.

My running career has blossomed since I became determined to maximize my ability.  In 1999, I competed in USATF Indoor National Championships.  I will never forget the butterflies I felt as the ESPN camera was in my face as I was toeing the starting line next to Olympic runners.

In 2000, I dabbled in Summer Biathlon (running combined with marksmanship).  Fast running earned me an expenses paid trip, as part of the US entourage, to the Czech Republic and to Russia for the world championships.  There I was part of the relay team that earned US's first ever bronze medal.

Happy to finish after climbing ~5000 ft in 7.6 miles in the Mt Washington Road Race.

Since then, I have qualified for and competed in the 10,000 meters at four successive USATF Outdoor National Championships.  I have traveled with the USA National Team to China and South Korea for Ekiden Relays;  to Turkey for the World Championships for Mountain Running and traveled to Africa for the Worlds Richest Mountain Race where I placed 5th.

Fall 2002, I was one of six athletes selected to train with Team USA in Mammoth Lakes, CA for one month.  USATF paid for my transportation, lodging and gave me a daily stipend.  I lived in a luxury condo at 8000 feet.  Coach Vigil spent countless hours teaching us his training philosophies.  Deena Kastor was also very eager to answer my questions.  She demonstrated for me her resistance training and plyometric programs.

Seconds after braking 16 minutes for 5,000 meters.

My future plans are to try to qualify for a World Championships mountain running team and run competitively as a master runner.

My husband, Ray and I currently live in Warm Springs, MT.  On June 28, 2008 I became a mama to Eon and in Nov 2011, I became a mama to identical twin boys, Ember and Roam. In addition to running and being a mom, I work as an internet- based running coach.  I coach aspiring athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts.  I really get a great deal of satisfaction from helping other athletes reach their personal fitness goals.

Coaching others helps my own training because I continually study breaking research and training theory.  My improvements and those of my athletes have taught me that our bodies can do so much more than our minds can conceive.  All you need is desire, a plan and a dream.


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