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Brooke Bray- 12 sec PR 48:59 fastest time on course, Patti Shore 33 sec faster 50:20 and Christina Applegate 1 min PR at Across the Bay 12k

Christy Peterson 13 sec PR at Gate River Run 57:15 running against winds that were 35mph!

Susan Kaluza Sets 50yo age group record 19:27!!

Matt Choquette Wins AOH 3 miler Race14:54 which was a PR by 54 sec's!!!



Meghan Ling Runs 2:02 min PR at the IMS Arizona Marathon. Placed 6th female, 2nd masters and 1st in 45-49 age group!

Christy Peterson-Breaks 18 min for the first time 17:54 during a heavy training week!



Brooke Bray- 54 sec PR 1:26:51 Houston HM

Sara Gigliotti-
sets 40 sec PR 1:24:22 Houston HM (previous PR set 7 yrs ago)

Jennifer Straughn- 3:31:48 qualifies for Boston Marathon at age 53




Brooke Bray- Negative Splits California International Marathon and races to a 4 min 45 sec PR 3:02:21!



Donna Tatro- At age 51 sets 11 min course PR and 7 min marathon PR at Philly Marathon!3:50:32!
Sara Gigliotti-sets nearly 30 sec PR in extremely muddy conditions at the PA Cross Country Championships Ė 4 miles in 26:16!

Meghan Ling- First place in age group at the SD XC Championships, 7th overall and won money! Highest placing in age group for the xc series!

Matt Choquette 3rd place overall Veterans Day Race 29:52 and sets a over 1 min PR!


Christina Applegate 7 min PR at the St George Marathon! 3:25! 
Susan Kaluza Wins Foot Traffic Octoberfest 21:43. Records a 19:03 5k split (6:03 per mile) at age 52 and runs 19:48 3 mile NAIA race in MT
Christy Peterson-Runs 2:52:57 at Chicago Marathon in the heat. 2:30 PR and 6 min faster since we started working together 9 months ago!
Shannon Overbay- At age 41, runs 5th fastest 10k time of her life 45:49 and fastest time since 2004!


Matt Choquette 2nd place overall Billings Half Marathon and sets a 3 min PR 1:16:46!
Christy Peterson- Sets a HM PR running goal marathon pace workout at Philly HM Race! 1:23:53! Ran a 5:47 last mile!
Dave Stauffer- Ran 4 min 6 sec PR at Billings HM at age 62! Ran a 1 min negative split and super fast last 1 mile and wins age group!
Shannon Overbay- At age 41 ran  Sundae Sunday 10 mile race for her 8th time in 74:39 her second fastest time ever! Her fastest was set at age 34 just 26 sec's faster


Matt Choquette Wins An Ri Ra 10k and runs his fastest 10k time ever 34:51!
Christy Peterson- Sets 5k road PR 18:02!
Shannon Overbay- At age 41 and running every year since a teenager is running race times as fast as she was racing at age 31 and under. Shannon continues to improve despite becoming older!


Sara Gigliotti Gold Medal age group at the World Masters Marathon Championships and Silver Medal overall! 3hr and 43 sec!
Christy Peterson- Sets course PR and best 15k time ever at Boilermaker 58:06. Places 10th American!
Wayne Blayne 23 min course PR at the Missoula Marathon. 4:14:49!!
Lynda McRae Wins the Melbourne HM!! Over 20,000 runners entered while running a workout 1:26!
Dave Stauffer At age 62 sets lifetime best 10k time by 1:40 sec. Runs 48:14 and wins age group at the BSSG!
Christina Applegate races 14 min faster at the 10k race in Tahoe compared to the year before! and a week later runs 43:46...3 min 46 lifetime 10k PR.
Matt Choquette Races to his fastest ever HM time by 5+ min at the Missoula HM 1:19:48!



Jennifer Lee Sets 10k PR in 85F heat with negative splits. 44:15 = 2 min and 16 sec PR !

Sara Gigliotti Runs fastest time ever at the Dipsea Race in 1:03:03 53rd place. Previous PR was set 8 years ago!

Dave Stauffer sets a 800m PR at the age of 62 at the Montana Senior Games 2:44.95 under windy conditions and minimal warm up! AND sets a Montana age 60-64 yr old all time record!!!

Christina Applegate 12 min PR at the Fontana Hills HM!! 1:26! This was her goal race and ran a stellar performance

Matt Choquette Wins 5k race in 35 sec PR 16:38! and 2 weeks later runs his fastest ever at the Wulfman Trail Race 14k and places 9th overall!



Shannon Overbay races fastest HM since 2008 1:43:18

Sara Gigliotti Runs fastest time ever at Marin 10k 38:45 and Kirsten Schneider races 38:12 at the same race placing 4th master

Brooke Bray 31 sec 12k PR Bloomsday 48:39!

Matt Choquette Races to his fastest ever  Bloomsday 43:23 and places 4th overall in Montana

Amber Wood-Jensen after setting her stellar 10k PR the day before misses her Bloomsday PR by only 10 sec's

Christina Applegate 4 min PR at the Fiesta 5 mile "very Hilly" and a few weeks later breaks Bay To Breakers Course PR by 5 min and 30 sec's-52:25 which was 2 min 30 sec faster than her 12k PR set 2 months ago at Emerald Nuts

Jeanelle Suzanne runs first ever trail race and places 2nd overall running over slippery bridges, fields with no trails, up and down mountains, mud and up stairs.

Jennifer Lee runs a long measured 5k and races 5 sec's per mile faster than ever before under windy conditions and a few weeks later sets 20 sec PR in 5k 21:11



Brooke Bray Wins Zoom Zoom 10k 39:21 and PR's!

Amber Wood-Jensen 2nd place at the competitive IceBreaker 3 mile race 19:20! then weeks later wins the ever competitive Bank Run 10k in 1min 12 sec PR 41:00!!

Sabine Norris 5 min PR at Boston! 3:27:25!

Sara Gigliotti Soars to a 2:59:45 at Boston and meets her goal of breaking 3 hrs while negative splitting the race

Christy Peterson-61:41 and 16th overall female at Cherry Blossom 10 mile race ~1 min 45 sec PR and just 2 weeks later runs a 3 min PR at Boston Marathon 2:55:25!

Jeanelle Rasmussen Ran 4 min lifetime HM PR on a "very rolling course with ugly hills"

Christina Applegate Races 20:32 2nd place at Zoom Zoom 5k

Richard Peyton 1:21:19 GW Parkway Classic 10 mile. Highest ranking performance ever



Christy Peterson 81 sec PR at Gate River Run 57:28!

Sara Gigliotti Runs 71 sec PR for 8k!

Amber Wood-Jensen Runs unofficially 18:50 for AOH 3 mile Race- the first time ever to run under 20 min and does that in a strong headwind

Matt Choquette Runs unofficially 15:48 for AOH 3 mile Race- the fastest time ever and ran that time in a strong headwind

Christina Applegate 3 min PR at Emerald Across the Bay 12k 55:12!!



Christina Applegate Runs 1:48 sec faster than ever before at age 47 in Sacramento's Valentine 4 mile race!! and 3 min PR 7 days later during a 10 mile race,



Sarah Graves 16th place overall at Houston Marathon 2:47:21. Nearly qualified for the USATF Olympic Trials. Congratulations!




Dave Stauffer sets a huge 3 min Half Marathon PR at age 61 1:46:29!

"I'm basking in a HM time at age 61 that is better than when I was 49. Thanks so much for the programs, advice, and patience that got me there".



Amber Wood-Jensen 90 sec PR at Butte's 5.2 mile Veteran's Day Race!



Jaymee Marty Spectacular running performance at the Chicago Marathon. Qualifies for the Olympic Trials Marathon by running 2:45:09 in temps of high 70'sF. 75 sec PR and wins 40-44 age group!! Has dropped her marathon time by over 10 min in 2.5 years!! "I want you to know that I would not have reached this milestone without your coaching, guidance, unwavering support and, at times, tough love" THEN 3 weeks later runs the Athens Marathon and leads the AirForce Team to a gold medal in 2:58!!

Elissa Ballas - Ran another PR at the Marine Corps Marathon 2:57:44 (48 sec PR) places 9th overall too!

Erika Frank - 1 min PR at the hilly Humboldt HM 1:44:17!!

Carrie Thomas-Runs her fastest 10k race in 5 years 51:53!

Amber Wood-Jensen - 6th place on the Butte Team and 19th overall! at the competitive MT Cup XC Race and Moses Leavens  -12th place overall at the MT Cup!



Amber Wood-Jensen 42:23 1 min course PR at the Billings10k and wins the race!!

Richard Peyton - Trained for a HM in Iraq. Finished first ever HM in 1:54:54 doing a workout at the Philly HM

Elissa Ballas - Ran a PR at the Air Force Half Marathon 1:22:58!

Danielle Dykstra- 3rd place at the John Colter run. Missed winning by 10 sec's! ("I need to work on my river crossings")

Jaymee Marty Won Buffalo Chips overall 10 miler and set a 5k road race PR a few weeks prior (17:53)



Shoshana Ziblatt- Ran her fastest 5k since becoming a new mom -19:17!



Danielle Dykstra- Set the course record at the 10000 foot high Madison HM! 1:50:17 I had fun! I just felt so good. I worked the hills and just relaxed and enjoyed the views on the downhill.  Thank you for all the fun workouts that made that run feel easy!  Have a great week!
Richard Peyton - Set a 1 min PR at a slightly long 5k race 23:30!

Kirsten Schneider - Ran the USATF Masters Track Championships. Bronze Medal in the 5000m 18:28 and hit her goal in the 1500m -4:55!

Jaymee Marty-3rd place at the masters track championships Sacramento. Ran 5:17 mile which was a huge 15 sec PR! and later ran the USATF Masters Track Championships. Silver Medal in the 5000m 18:17 and ran 4:54 in the 1500m!

Amber Wood-Jensen 1:38:04 at the Missoula HM. 3 min 40 sec min PB on that course!



Susan Kaluza-3rd place overall at the RRCA 5k road championships which was the regional RRCA Masters Champs. Suzie at age 51 won the masters RRCA title.



Elissa Ballas - Ran a 40 second PR at the Cleveland Marathon and places fifth overall! 2:58:32

Amy Smith- At age 43 runs her fastest ever 5k at 6000 plus altitude-20:15 and places 2nd overall!

Susan Kaluza- Won the Missoula's North Avenue mile race in 6:04!

Jaymee Marty Set another PR -37:17 10k!



Moses Leavens-Winner IceBreaker road race 15:44!

Susan Kaluza - At age 50 runs 19:43 at IceBreaker 3 mile road race. 3rd overall and faster time than last year!

Elissa Ballas - Ran nearly a minute PR at the very hilly Tar Heel 10 mile race 62:05!!

Susan Kaluza- Won the Big Butte 3 mile race for the 16th time!

Amber Wood-Jensen 3:37:57. Finishes very strong and runs near her PR set on a faster course

Pam Goodley-At age 51 runs almost a six-minute course PR and her second fastest marathon out of the nine she has completed by four minutes. 3:40:42



Amy Smith- At age 43 runs19:32 at the very competitive Running of the Leopards 5k at 5000 feet Salt Lake City. Places 2nd master!!

Pam Goodley-At age 51 runs 3 min course PR at Sacramento's Shamrock HM 1:43:27. Pam ran her fastest splits the last 5k of the race! and 2 weeks later runs her fastest 5k race in 4.5 years -22:41!!

Moses Leavens-75 sec course PR and winner at the Great Falls St Pats Day 4 mile race 22:24!

Amber Wood-Jensen 1 min 40 sec course PR course at Anaconda's AOH 6 mile race! 39:26! Placed top 4 overall.



Pam Goodley- Ran 30:04 at the 4 mile Valentines Race in Sacramento. 2nd in Age Group, negative split the race!

Elissa Ballas - Ran 30:44 at USATF World Cross Trials in Spokane. Almost qualified for the World Military Team (missed by 10 sec's)



Donna Tatro- 4 min 25 sec life PR at the Disney Marathon!! 3:57:06 at age 49!!





Moses Leavens-26 sec 8k PR at the Billings XC race 26:42

Debbie Gibson - Wins Le Grizz 50 mile race 8:12:35 in freezing cold conditions-only 4 men run faster than Debbie!!

Nkechi Goodacre- 4 min PR at Royal Parks HM, London England

Jaymee Marty Dazzling performance at Twin Cities Marathon. 4 min PR, 5th place at USATF Masters National Championships 2:46:26!! Has dropped her marathon time by 9 min in 1.5 years!! THEN 3 weeks later at Marine Corps Marathon runs her 2nd fastest marathon 2:50:13, sets the masters course record, places 2nd overall, first American and earns a spot to represent Team USA at the 2010 Athens Greece Military World Championships!!



Donna Tatro - Races the Philly Half Marathon and runs a 4+ min life and course PR at age 48! 1:42:57 Wow!

Dave Stauffer -at age 60, breaks his 10k PR set 10.5 yrs ago and runs 49:45 and places 2nd in age group at the Montana 10k!

Debbie Gibson - runs a huge lifetime and course PR and places 3rd overall at age 44 at the Governors Cup Marathon 3:24:49!

Amber Wood-Jensen - wins the Montana10k in Billings 43:14!

Jaymee Marty - sets a 3+ min PR at Sacramento's Buffalo Stampede 10 miler 1:00:39!

Bruce Robinson at age 68 runs 1 min 32 sec's faster at the rugged 7 mile John Colter Run!! and Amber Wood-Jensen runs 1 min 40 sec's faster at the John Colter Run!! This race is tough -you even have to ford a river!



Jaymee Marty - Amazingly sets another PR in 95F heat and wins the race! Runs 17:48 a PR by 20 sec's!

Sarah Anderson - Trains hard for the very rugged Bridger Ridge Run and runs 60 min faster then she anticipated -6 hr and 30 min!

Susan Kaluza - Wins the very hilly Roodell Run 5k in 20:23

Dave Stauffer -at age 60, ran a nearly 10 sec 1500m PR at the National Senior Games in Palo Alto CA! 5:43:42

Amy Smith At age 42 wins the Rock N Roll 5k in Idaho Falls in a masters PR of 19:23!

Debbie Gibson  smashes the masters course record by 30 min and wins overall and 6th place finisher at Elkhorn 50k-6 hrs and 13 min!



Susan Kaluza - at age 50 smashes Big Sky State Games 10k age group record by 21 sec's and places 2nd overall 42:29!

Amber Wood-Jensen-13 min PR and qualifies for Boston at the Missoula Marathon! 3:37:18!!

Debbie Gibson at age 44 runs a 36 sec course PR at the Missoula Marathon! 3:28:29!!

Kirsten Schneider - Runs speedy at the hilly San Francisco HM


Jaymee Marty -Places 2nd master at the hilly San Francisco HM




Kirsten Schneider - Sets a 5k PR at age 40! Kirsten won the Fleet Feet Sports Nike Womenís Fitness Festival  5k,  negatively split the race and broke 18 min for the first time -17:55!!

Kirsten Schneider(30:28), Jaymee Marty (29:35) and Jennifer Kent (30:10) all set 8k course and lifetime PR's at the Summer Solstice 8k in Sacramento

Dave Stauffer -at age 60, ran 72.55 400m and tied his PR, 2:50 800m and 31.4 200m (nearly 3 sec PR!) at the Senior Games in Kalispell MT

Jaymee Marty -Wins first master at the hilly Seattle's Rock N Roll HM

and 8th overall woman!! 1:22:34



Erika Frank - trains hard for a marathon and runs a 60 min PR at Eugene finishing 3:47:32!!

Amber Wood-Jensen - runs an 8 min PR at Bloomsday 52:46!! and 2 weeks later runs over 4 min PR at Coeur d" Alene Half Marathon 1:37:35!! Amber has improved her HM time over 12 min in ten months with consistent training, hard work and desire.



Moses Leavens - Wins the competitive IceBreaker 3 mile in 15:43!!

Amber Wood-Jensen - smashes her life and course 10k PR by nearly 4 min!! 42:14 and places 3rd overall at the competitive Bank Run 10k

Erika Frank runs 22:36,Jennifer Kent and Kirsten Schneider run 18:05 at Sacramento's Zoom Zoom 5k. All 3 set 5k PR's!!

Jaymee Marty - Hit the jackpot at Belgrade Marathon!

Placed 3rd at the World Military Championships, 4th overall, won prize money, drug tested and nearly PR'd in 70F. Ran 2:51:12!!

Jaymee Marty - another PR! 17:55 5k. 17 sec PB!

Susan Kaluza- Amazingly runs her fastest time on the 5k Big Butte Course since 2003 nearing her 50th birthday! and 2 weeks later places 2nd overall at the Icebreaker 3 mile in 19:43!

Greg Whittier - smashes his 10 mile life and course PR by 2 min at Cherry Blossom! 66:43!

Amber Osterman - runs a 30 sec course 5k PR at Run for the Trees! 21:14!


March - Wow!

Erika Frank - runs over 3 min 30 sec PR at the Sacramento's Shamrock HM while doing a hard workout inside race! 1:45:19

Amber Wood-Jensen - runs 1 min and 11 sec AOH 6 mile course PR into a headwind! 41:09

Amber Osterman - runs a course and lifetime PR at AOH 3 mile race 20:24 into a headwind!

Greg Whittier - races to another PR! Runs 50 sec 8k PR 31:55!

Jaymee Marty 4 min and 15 sec PR at the Sacramento's Shamrock HM! Runs 1:19:45 and  sets 10k PR 38:30 and 10 mile PR 1:01! and a few weeks later lowers her 10k PR to 37:26!



Trasy Rincan races to 19:42 5k PR and wins the squndron race!

Jaymee Marty PR's again! Runs 1:24 sec faster at Sacramento's Valentines Day 4 miler 23:34

Erika Frank - runs PR at the Sacramento's Valentines Day 4 miler 29:24 and sets a 5k PR inside the race!!

Joan Hilbert- sets a goal in life to run 50 miles at age 50. Joan prepares over a year for her goal training hard in the heat of TX, she finishes a tough 50 mile trail race in12:50! Congratulations!

Jennifer Kent-runs her fastest 10k ever 39:43 and wins the Sacramento 10k race!!



Greg Whittier breaks his HM PR by over 3 minutes and 30 sec's! Runs 1:29:48 at Carlsbad HM!


Dave Stauffer breaks his Tucson 5k course PR set 4 years ago. Now at age 59 runs 47 seconds faster- 22:35!



Jaymee Marty Smashes her marathon PR by nearly 5 min at California International Marathon and also sets her HM PR inside the second half of race and set a 10k PR in the last 10k of this race--39:20.. Runs a 2:50:25 (1:26:30, 1:23:54). Incredible performance!


Jaymee Marty Sets another 5k PR of 18:07 at the very competitive Sacramento's Run to Feed the Hungry!!



Jaymee Marty Places first Master at Marine Corps Marathon and wins military division and qualifies for Military World Champs in Serbia!

Shannon Overbay crushes her marathon PR by over 2:30 and qualifies for Boston! 3:49:22. Shannon's training partners all run lifetime PR's too.

Jaymee Marty smashes her 5k PR by 33 seconds! 18:12

Amber Osterman races to an incredible 7 min PR at Portland Marathon 3:42:01

Reyana Ewing runs a 10k PR and a HM PR by 20 sec's! 1:32:36

Jaymee Marty runs a 1 min HM PR doing a workout! 1:24:00

Susan Kaluza wins another race 20:40 5k at age 49




Dave Stauffer runs a 26 sec course PR doing a workout inside the Montana HM 1:49:30

Amber Wood- Jensen races a 65 sec PR at the Montana Billings 10k! 46:06 3rd overall woman

Jaymee Marty averaged 6:20 pace for 10 mile race in 70F heat.  A PR while training for a marathon!

Tom Furlong runs a 36 sec PR at MT Helena Run at age 54! Previous fastest was set 6 years ago.



Amy Smith 2nd place masters at the competitive Bozeman Classic. Ran 20:35 for 5k. Congratulations.



Amber Wood- Jensen Amazingly runs over 8 min PR at the Missoula HM. Runs 1:41:44. Congratulations!!

Dave Stauffer sets huge track PR's at the Big Sky State Games in Billings. Running faster as he gets older! 59 years old and running strong

Dave's New PR's

72.5 sec for the 400m (PR by 1.6 sec's)
2:45  sec for the 800m (PR by 8 secís)
5:53  for the 1500m race (a PR by 12 sec's and better than the same race last year by 16 sec's)



Dave Stauffer sets 3  PR's at the MT senior Olympics at 5000 feet -Butte MT! Runs 22:11 5k road race (67 sec faster than previous PR set at sea level). Ran 2:53 800m PR and a 6:05 1500m - a 4 sec PR. Congratulations Dave!!

Danielle Salois-Shahan winner of Governors Cup Half Marathon 1:24:44 and Debbie Gibson runs 1:39:04 2nd master overall. Times set in very windy conditions.

Tom Furlong runs 47:12 10k 45 sec's faster than 2007 in windy conditions and Amber Wood- Jensen runs 47:11 and sets a 36second 10k PR!!

Amber Osterman runs 2 legs out of 4 and team wins the marathon relay overall women!

Susan Kaluza wins overall masters at the competitive Governors Cup 5k! Congratulations to all!



Jaymee Marty places 2nd overall and first master at the Eugene Marathon running 2 min and 30 sec PR in windy conditions!!  2:55:12 Congratulations!

Amber runs 30 sec PR at Bloomsday 56:42 stating felt very relaxed and calm during race and very strong on the uphills! Great race Amber!

Danielle Salois-Shahan races to a win and a course PR at the Race for the Cure 17:55!

Tom Furlong runs within one second of his fastest time (set 5 yrs ago) at the Race for the Cure 5k 22:07 at age 53!



Debbie Gibson runs 3:27:20 at Boston Marathon. 1 min 45 sec PR despite having to stop twice to take off her timing chip. Congrats Debbie!

George Lane IR Staff Photographer

Debbie Gibson (photo on left) turned from weekend runner to marathoner when her husband, Don, served in Kuwait with the Montana National Guard. She has made the long journey to the Boston Marathon while juggling two kids and a full-time job, and also studying for her master's degree.

Brooke Dolan runs within 1 min of her St George marathon PR at Boston and Sean Dolan overcoming an injury runs 90 sec faster than his previous St George marathon mark. Congrats!

Amber places fifth overall at the highly competitive IceBreaker Road Race and Tom Furlong runs 30 sec's faster this year at IceBreaker!



Jennifer Thomas amazingly cuts over 4 sec's off her 800m PR to finish 2nd at the UW Last Chance Indoor in 2:13.28 WOW!! Congratulations!

Susan Kaluza wins overall woman at Anaconda's AOH 3 mile race in 18:57. Posting her best time post surgery in 3 years. 14 time overall winner on that course. 48 years old and running strong!! Congrats Susan.

Jaymee races to over 1 min PR in  12-15 mph winds posting 1:25:07 for the HM distance. At the 10 mile mark she was just a few seconds off her 10 mile PR from 2 weeks ago!!

Joan trains diligently for 6 months to run her longest run in her life a- 40 mile run.. Joan runs the fastest time ever (over 40 sec's per mile faster) in 70F heat!


Amber runs 3:48:58 at Disney World Marathon! In April 2006, Amber averaged 16 mpw with a long run  of 7 and 1.5 years later her longest run was 20 and she ran up to 40mpw. Amber worked really hard over the last 1.5 years to gradually work up to the marathon distance. Congratulations!

Speedster Jennifer completes her first marathon for fun in 3:30:02 at Las Vegas. Jennifer runs very even splits 1:44:45 halfway.



Fast master runner Jaymee won first place for Pacific Association USATF open women of 2007 for placing top woman in various races throughout the pacific northwest. Congratulations! Amber sets another PR- races 45:50 2 min plus PR in 12Fand windy! Wins the race too. :)



Jaymee runs over 1 min Half Marathon PR doing a workout inside a race. Amber places 4th at Blue Mtn 5k in a competitive field.



Debbie Gibson age 42, posts an incredible 13 min PR at the Montana Half Marathon! 1:32 min Congratulations!

Jaymee races to a 10k PR during marathon training and breaks 40 min for the first time ever at the Masters 10k National Championships in California.

Jane breaks 4 hours at the Montana Marathon by several minutes and posts a big PR.



Ken Nevin smashes his initial goal by 2 hours and 2 min running 5:57 at the extremely rugged, technical over 20 mile Bridger Ridge Run!! (See pictures of course below)


Jaymee age 40 races to a 5k PR in 95F heat and wins the race overall. 18:44!!


Ken Drops 6 min off his 5k time from last year and PR's. Ken is on a roll.

Dave sets PR's 200m, 400m and 1500m at his goal race -Big Sky State Games. Congrats!

Erika PR's and races 52 min faster at the Devils Back Bone Trail 25 miler!

Debbie G at age 42 drops over 3 min off her PR at the Missoula Marathon with temps up to 80Fat finish!! Runs 3:29:05 4th overall, 1st master!

Amber O. races to a incredible 4 min PR in temp up to 80 F at the MIssoula HM! 1:45



Jane finishes Ironman Triathlon CDA  in 12:53 min! Amazingly cuts 1 hour and 10 min off her 2006 Ironman Triathlon race!

Ken races to 54:42 10k PR  beating his goal time which was a milestone for many years! and then 2 weeks later ran a 10 mile trail race without stopping and passed numerous runners due to his pacing plan. Ken was thrilled to keep his asthma under control- first time ever.

Shannon wins the Reardan Mule Chase 5K in best time ever- 20:49 in warm conditions!



Jacquie places 3rd and first overall master at Race for the Cure!

Shannon races 9 min faster than last year at CDA HM 1:39:17! Fastest time since 1992!!

Demaris wins overall open and masters at very hilly Evaro Mountain Challenge 10k trail race!! 46:58! Fantastic!

Bloomsday 12k: Shannon blazes to nearly 3 min faster than last year also running her 10k goal for the year in the 12k race. Amber runs 3 min faster than her goal time and Jennifer cruises to a 35 sec PR! Congrats to all!



Juli speeds to a 1:58 at SLC Half Marathon. Highest ranking performance ever!



Shannon runs 21:51 5k which smashed her goal time in only her 2nd attempt and fastest 5k since 2004

Jacquie swiftly races 18:38 3 mile- first Master and Jen Thomas cruises to victory with 17:48 PR



Jacquie races to 2nd place overall (first master overall) at Arizona's Lost Dutchman 8k Trail Race in spite of twisting ankle and having cactus needle stuck in hand! 32:58 only 8 sec's from first.



Gary G runs "fastest 4 mile in years" on that course and meets goal of 6:30 pace


Reyana E 6 min PR Chicago Marathon 3:24:10!

Melanie finishes her goal half marathon 2:05:51 after not being able to even run a step 8 months earlier



Dave S. races to an incredible 10 min course PR & 7 min overall marathon PR! and qualifies for Boston Marathon.

Demaris T. runs ~4 min faster than last year on Bozeman's Challenging Lewis and Clark Half Marathon Course!

Reyana E smashes her 5k PR by 30 sec's 20:02!

Amber O races 1:49:09 PR at Montana Half Marathon!

Dave S. runs over 6 1/2 min PR in Montana Half Marathon 1:49:56 doing a workout!

Shannon O. cuts nearly 9 min off her time from last year at Sundae Sunday 10 mile race!



Reyana E blazes to a new half marathon PR at AFC San Diego Half-Marathon 1:34:51-~3 min personal best



Moses Leavens races to a 15:44 5k PR at Boogie to the Bank and Susan Kaluza winner State Games 10k



Amber Osterman 36 sec 5k PR and almost 1 min faster than 2005 Whitefish Lake Run 5k! 20:51 and Susan Kaluza won first master in 19:53.

Dave S 1:41 PR at Beartooth Hill Climb and Dani S-S. women's winner

Demaris T. 5th women overall, 20th overall male and female, second place master in Big Horn 50k

Michele B. Places 9th at USA National Mountain Running Championships

Reyana E. posts a 5:36 mile at the State Street Mile. PR, 3rd place overall and highest ranking performance in any distance.

Michele B races to a 10k course and overall PR at hilly Governor's Cup 10k by 32 seconds!



Demaris T. races Couer d' alene half marathon in PR time! 1:41:03 ~3 min faster than ever before.

Moving Comfort-Montana places 3rd in USATF Marathon Relay Championships. Michele B runs a PR in 5k leg.

Amber Osterman winner Prickly Pear Trail 5k and Michele Bazzanella 2nd place 12k trail race

Juli Mattfeldt smashed her previous Bloomsday PR by 10 min! Shannon Overbay beat her goal time by 37 sec's! Dani-Salois -Shahan 37 sec PR and placed 25th woman overall 44:28 12k Bloomsday.



Shannon Overbay qualifies for Bloomsday second seeding at Race for Cure 5k 22:01 Congrats!

Jennifer Thomas winner of Bank Run 5k and Susan Kaluza 3rd place Bank Run Trifecta

Ice Breaker Road Race: Amber Osterman runs 1 min PR 20:32! Jacquie Maillet 2nd master runner in 5 miler, Lara Thomas places 10th overall, Dani Shahan sets PR. Demaris T. and Juli M. run their highest ranking race performance. Congrats to all!



Richard Engel Cuts through strong head winds to win 50year old age group at Shamrock Virginia Beach Half Marathon in near PR time of 1:21:34

Shannon Overbay and Susan Osborn - came very, very close to qualifying for Bloomsday second/elite seeding

Susan Kaluza Winner of Winter-International Sportsfest 3 mile run

Jennifer Thomas runs PR 5:05 mile at Washington Husky Indoor Track Meet



Jennifer Thomas set stadium PR and won race w/5:12 mile (9 sec's faster than last year at this meet) and Richard Engel set mile PR 5:14 (14 sec's faster than 2005) in Bozeman MT mile high stadium. Congrats to both athletes!



Win Goodbody 5 min Half marathon PR at Vancouver Lake Half Marathon-1:19:08. Highest ranking performance ever!



David Stauffer Ran 3 min PR -3:52:07! Las Vegas Marathon, w/head winds up to 15mph. Negative split race and placed top 15% in age group- the highest placement in any distance race ever!


Richard Engel 3:02 at Philadelphia marathon. 3rd in 50 year old age group and 6 min PR!



Richard Engel Ran 1:21:20 to obliterate the 50 + record & sets new PR at Victoria Half Marathon. Highest ranking race ever!!

Jacquie Maillet runs 20:32 for 5th place at Blue Mountain Women's 5k. On comeback trail after a 6 month layoff.

Stacy Huser Smashes her goal by 19 sec's to get 4th at Blue Mountain Women's 5k 20:11!

Rhea Fuller- Runs Twin Cities Marathon in 3:06:32 and sets 4 min PR!

Dani Salois-Shahan Sets 2 min PR in tough conditions at Twin Cities National Marathon Championships 2:53:25!



Demaris Taylor first place Master and 12th overall at Lewis and Clark Half Marathon 1:48:12

Susan Kaluza placed 3rd in a competitive Montana Half Marathon in Billings. Susan was training for 7:05 pace and she averaged 6:49 to run 1:29:12! She also received the award for first masters at 46 years old!

Lara Thomas raced speedy to 2nd place at Mt Helena Run. Lara's time was faster than last year too. Mt Helena Race climbs 1348 ft in ~2.3 miles.

Dani Salois-Shahan 22 sec PR at USATF National 5k Championships in Rhode Island. Places 14th American in a competitive field while training for a marathon. 17:31 PR

Lara Thomas Runs 90 sec's faster this year compared to 2004 time! at John Colter run. 7th overall



Elisha Cassan Winner of An Ri Ra 5k 19:52 on very hilly course at high altitude of 5300ft and sets PR!

Erika Holland over 20 min faster than 2004 in MUCH worse conditions at Bridger Ridge Run 19 miler

David Stauffer Ran 50:15 10k at 5000ft altitude on a tough course. Just 20 sec's off his PB set at sea level.

Richard Engel Sets 50-59 age class record at Bozeman Classic 18:24. 10 sec's faster than last year.



Stacy Huser Ran speedy at high altitude (6000ft+)  at Grand Prix Classic 10K 43:39, Colorado Springs, CO. Stacy passed 16 women and never got passed. Her average pace is also faster than what she ran at 2005 Icebreaker 5 miler.

Erika Holland Courageously trains for and finishes the Devils Backbone 25 mile race on 100% mountain trails
Richard Enge
l Masters Ace, 52yo Engel set a course record w/94 push-ups and a run of 19:20 5k to win overall at the fifth annual Drop 'N Trot beating "youngsters" half is age.
Jennifer Thomas PR in mile 5:06.5 set at over 4000ft. Jennifer had 2 male pacers and she bravely ran these splits 76,75,76,78 in 85 deg heat!


Rhea Fuller First woman by 30 min at Jim Bridger trail 25k. Places 6th runner overall. Rhea established a very tough course record!
Lara Thomas Ran ~6 min faster at Gov Cup half marathon from last year! 1:33:05 and PR's! Lara was waving to friends and smiling a half mile from the finish chute.
Dani Salois-Shahan Smashes previous Gov Cup half marathon course record by 3 min! 1:21:55. Dani ran 1/3 of this race by herself too.



Rhea Fuller Winner the Pengelley Double Dip Trail Race in record setting time! 15 min ahead of next woman and 6th place runner overall

Dani Salois-Shahan Races to course PR at Race for the Cure 5k 18:00 min in 20 mph winds

Richard Engel 38:40 at Kennett Square 10k. Wins 50 yo age group and is 2nd overall master 40 and over!

Jennifer Thomas ran a PB 2:17.40 for 2nd place 800m at Duane Hartman Invitational Track Meet SFCC

Dani Salois-Shahan 22nd place Bloomsday 45:05 over 3 min faster than previous Bloomsday



Rhea Fuller- 2nd place overall 10k Missoula Bank Run 39:08 PR

Dani Salois-Shahan 3rd place Ice Breaker 29:32. Cuts 43 sec's off her PR under very windy conditions

Jennifer Thomas Winner Ice Breaker 3 miler 18:10 windy conditions and PR by 11 sec's

Dani Salois-Shahan PR 35:36 at Mt Sac Relays 10,000m race

Jennifer Thomas Raced to a 4:45.10 PR 1500m at MT Sac Relays



Richard Engel Smashes 5k road PR by 42 seconds! 17:38 at Sgt Patís race. Winner overall masters at 51 years old!

David Stauffer Ran PR! 1 hour 52 sec on hilly Emerald Nuts Across the Bay San Francisco 12k

Richard Engel Ran 29:06 PR! placed 2nd in age group (50-55) in a very competitive field at Shamrock 8k Virginia Beach, VA. Highest ranking performance in all race distances

Jennifer Thomas raced a 5:08 mile and a 2:18 800m in Seattle. 13 seconds faster than 2 weeks prior.



Rhea Fuller winner Seeley Lake Half Marathon with fastest ever half marathon time- 1:28:58

Gary Gurtler raced back to back 50k & 25k cross country ski races in Ottawa, Canada, placing in top half of competitive field

Susan Kaluza winner Frigid Digger Run 3 miler. Susan came from behind and surged the last 400m to win by 15 sec's.

Dani Salois-Shahan smashed her 3000m indoor time by ~25 sec's with 10:23 at MSU indoor

Richard Engel established a fine early season mile mark of 5:28 indoor MSU PR

Robin Shropshire raced 30 sec faster at Valentines 5k from last year and the course was .2 longer than 2004

Kathy Travnicek - 50 sec 5k PR! 19:20 Winner 5k race Mississippi



David Stauffer Huge breakthrough race! 2 min PR & highest race equivalent performance ever! 23:23 5k on accurate flat course Tucson AZ




Robin Shropshire 21:08 5k Turkey Trot. 42 sec's faster than last 5k race!



Robin Shropshire 21:50 5k Pumpkin Run. Fastest 5k in over 9 years

Win Goodbody runs PR 2:56:22 at Victoria Marathon! Negative split race.

Kathy Travnicek runs 3:16:57 PR Chicago Marathon. 5 min 30 sec faster than prior PR set 2003 Chicago!



Danielle Shahan wins the Lewis and Clark half marathon in fastest ever time on that course 1:27

Jennifer Thomas wins the Billings Half Marathon race 1:32 despite GI problems

Casey Campbell and Lara Thomas finish 2nd and 4th and the Mt Helena Hill Climb

Lara Thomas top 10 finish at John Colter run, ~45 sec's faster than last year.



Susan Kaluza Winner of Butte's Irish Run 5k

Susan Kaluza runs 38:30 at Butte's mile high Duathlon 6.1 mile. (About 39:10 10k) Master PR at 45 years old!

Win Goodbody runs ~1:52 sec faster than last year on same (27th) leg at Hood to Coast. Also set 34 sec 10k PR inside a hilly 7.4 mile (15th) leg of HTC 36:59!!

Richard Engel Set new 50 yo age class record at Bozeman Classic 5k 18:34

Susan Kaluza Ran 20:02 at Bozeman Classic. Only 8 sec's off her own Masters record set 4 years ago. 45 years old and running strong!

Dani Salois Shahan 17:53 winner of Bozeman Classic 5k. 29 sec's faster than her previous best time on that course set in 2002.



Kathy Travnicek over 1 min PR in 10k! 42:20 Fleet Feet Women's Festival Chicago



Richard Engel Huge PR! 37:25 10k Whitefish Lake Run. 1 min 23 sec faster than last year

Jennifer Thomas Champion Whitefish Lake Run, 19:43 5k

Susan Kaluza masters records Race for the Cure 5k , 19:41 & Gov Cup marathon 3:30

Dani Salois-Shahan Winner Calgary Foothills Academy 10k 37:45

Jennifer Thomas 8:56 PR 5k Freihofers USATF 5k championships



Michelle Richardson 2nd place,10th overall, 5 min under old course record at Ice Age Trail 50k, 4:01:39!



Eric Allen Runs 17:23 PR 3 miler at Icebreaker



Jacquie Maillet huge breakthrough race! Runs 18:26 for 3 miles St Pats Day

Richard Engel runs 36:10 for 6.1 mile Anaconda St Pats Run PR!

Jennifer Thomas wins Anaconda 3miler in 17:52 PR

Gary Gurtler completes 50k ski race 20 min faster than ever before

Jennifer Thomas runs 5:08.37 Indoor Mile PR! Seattle



Jennifer Thomas runs 5:12.75. Indoor mile PR and 2:18.15 800m PR



Stacey Meagher runs 1:51 half marathon 7 min PR!



Mary Gray runs 4:03 at Tucson Marathon, 11 min PR!

Susan Kaluza runs 3:14 at Tucson Marathon. Fastest marathon as a master (44 yo)



Richard Engel 3:08 Seattle Marathon Debut, 2nd place in 50y age group

Eric Allen ran 19:20 5k PR in Helena's Turkey Trot on snowy roads



Lara Thomas, wins Escape to the Hi-Country trail race 6.4 miles, 46:19

Ray Hunt 5th place Twin Cities State Capitol 5k, 15:56

Jacquie Maillet bronze Blue Mtn Women's Run 5k, 19:52

Susan Kaluza Won Shack Run 10 miler, 70 min



Richard Engel 1:21:37 PR Billings Half Marathon PR, 2nd overall and first master (50yo)

Jennifer Thomas 18:59 5k PR Boise Women's Race

Susan Kaluza 19:13 5k Butte Town Pump Race



Mary Gray ran 2nd fastest 1/2m at the high altitude/tough Grizzly 1/2m 1:53:41

Jacquie Maillet 1st place overall Grizzly 1/2m, 1:40:37 running a workout



Danielle Salois-Shahan 8th place Deseret News 10k Salt Lake 35:38 PR

Jennifer Thomas 2nd place MT Mile, 5:07.9,  PR by 9 seconds



Dani Salois-Shahan Winner Montana USATF 10k Road Championships 38:36

Jennifer Thomas 19:07 PR at USATF 5k National Championships, New York



Richard Engel 18:20 5k PR, Race for the Cure, wins 50 year old age group

Dani Salois-Shahan Winner of Race for the Cure 5k 18:37

Lara Thomas 3rd place overall Race for the Cure 5k 20:04

Ray Hunt breaks Evaro Mtn Challenge 10k record by 50 sec's 32:54

Lara Thomas qualifies for elite seeding Bloomsday,12th in age group 51:33

Ray Hunt runs 15:40 5000m post collegiate PR

Jennifer Thomas runs 4:52 PR 1500m, 2:19 PR 800m at the Spokane Distance Festival then runs the next day 49:30 PR Bloomsday in training shoes.



Jennifer Thomas wins Icebreaker 3 mile in 18:25 PR



Dani Salois-Shahan, 2nd place, Valley of the Sun Marathon. 26+ min PR - 2:55



Jennifer Thomas 21 sec mile PR, Vandal Indoor - 5:16 and 57 sec 3k PR - 10:43

Dani Shahan  5 min PR, 81min, Las Vegas 1/2 marathon up to 50mph head winds



Stacey Meagher PR Portland Marathon - 4:39



Ann Sorenson 35 sec 5k Bozeman Classic PR - 18:02

Ray Hunt, Post-collegiate 5k road PR -15:52



Dani Salois- Shahan Race for the Cure 5k course record PR -18:05



Lisa Leeper Trains for first marathon



Susan Kaluza 3rd place Master Salt Lake Deseret News 10k 39:18



Susan Osborn Qualified for Bloomsday elite seeding



Susan Kaluza Wins Ice Breaker 3 mile, second year as a Master, 18:23



Susan Kaluza runs 17:20 3 mile as Master


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